Medicare Coverage for Florida Home Health Services

Home Health Services in Florida

Medicare is medical insurance coverage provided by the US government for people aged 65 and above. People with disabilities may often qualify for Medicare. In addition, younger disabled people, or those with permanent kidney failure may also be covered.

What is Home Health Care?

Home health-care refers to the medical care services you can provide from your home when you sustain an illness or injury, including injections, wound treatment, and nutrition therapy. You can either get these services as an extension of the medical care you get after being discharged from the hospital, or you can choose to nurse your injuries from home based on your ability to move.

Home Health Care is an Affordable Option than Hospital Treatment

Home health care is more affordable and more convenient than getting treatment at the hospital, and it aims to help you become independent in your recovery process and maintain your current level of function. To be eligible for Medicare home care coverage, you have to be homebound and under the care of a certified doctor.

Home care is beneficial for homebound people who do not have easy access to a hospital. It is convenient if you live far from a health center or a hospital. If you have difficulty moving around and walking or are recovering from an injury, stroke, or surgery, you may benefit from this option. Seniors and the elderly who do not have family members or caregivers who can take care of them for 24 hours could also benefit from this option to feel the comfort of being at home instead of going to nursing homes.

FAQs about Medicare Coverage on Home Health Care

Is Home Health Care covered by Medicare?

Medicare provides coverage against specific health-care services you need at home during the recovery period following a medical illness. Some of the home health-care it covers are physical and occupational therapy, part-time skilled nursing care and health aide care, and speech-language pathology. It also provides coverage for the medical supplies you will require at home (including catheters, needles, ostomy bags, walkers, wheelchairs, and gauzes), medical social services, and injectable osteoporosis medicines (for women).

Is Home Health Care Covered under Medicare Part A or B?

Medicare provides home care coverage in both parts:

Part A: hospital insurance covers inpatient stays and stays at a nursing home.

Part B: medical insurance that covers outpatient services and medical supplies.

How much does Medicare pay for Home Health Care per hour?

Medicare covers 100% of your home care medical costs for eight or fewer hours per day and 28 hours per week or 35 at most, based on the severity of your condition. The cost covered by Senior Home Health Care in Florida ranges from 10 to 29 dollars per hour.

How long will Medicare pay for Home Health Care?

When a doctor orders you under home care, Medicare will cover your entire cost of medical expenses for up to 60 days at any given time.

How do I get Medicare to pay for Home Care?

There are several ways of paying for home Senior Home Health Care services. You can pay for the coverage privately out of your pocket, but this is often strenuous for some people, and you have to decide between affordability and quality. You can also pay for the services via insurance options such as medical health, long term care, or Medicare and Medicaid.

How to be eligible for Home Health Medicare Cover

Medicare has strict rules and guidelines for determining whether or not a person is eligible to receive its home health-care coverage. The basic standards to establish your qualification for the medical cover are:

A Licensed Doctor’s Approval

To be eligible to get Medicare coverage, a qualified doctor has to fill in a form to show that your home care is critical for medical purposes and that they will be managing your home care. They will develop your home care plan, highlighting the services you require, your treatment schedule, your health goal, and the equipment you need for your treatment. You need to have an appointment with your doctor less than 90 days before your home care treatment or 30 days after its onset. They also need to review your treatment plan every 60 days and determine if they need to renew or end your treatment.

If you are Homebound

A doctor will declare you to be homebound if you have a hard time getting out of your home. Being homebound could include if you can only leave your house with the help of someone else or using a wheelchair and if you only leave to go to adult daycare. If your health is at risk of getting worse when you go outside, you also qualify for home health-care.

If you require any Skilled Care

If you require at least one form of skilled care, you can qualify for Medicare home health care. One such need is if you sustained an injury and need to undergo physical therapy. Other forms of skilled care include part-time language and speech therapy and mental health therapy. If the amount of home care you require is higher than what Medicare covers, it can pay for your short-term stays in a hospital or nursing home.

Talk With the Professionals for Home Health Care at Senior Nannies

Home health care is an affordable option to receive medical treatment from your home. Signing up for Medicare home-health care will save you money while offering you the comfort of being around your family as you receive medical treatment. Contact our Fort Lauderdale home care services at Senior Nannies. We are here to help.