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How Senior Nannies Excels

Since 2007, Senior Nannies has been helping older adults in Broward, Miami-Dade, Orlando, Palm Beach, Tampa and elsewhere in Florida maintain comfortable, independent lives in the familiarity of their own home. Our 5-Star Perfect Match Guarantee enables us to refer to you a care provider who can provide the comfort, safety and an improved quality of life for your loved one and precious peace of mind for you and other family and friends concerned about your loved one’s welfare.

Key components of our 5-Star Perfect Match Guarantee include:
  1. 1A perfect caregiver profile (defined from your input)
    All it takes is a phone call to set things in motion. One of our account executives will meet with you and your loved one to record your specific caregiver requests and preferences and any medical conditions (such as Alzheimer’s or MS) that can help us refer to you compassionate care providers who meet the criteria you specify. We strive to set the perfect match for every home care client from Day 1 of services. Despite the comprehensive process and our high success rate, we recognize that issues may arise that prompt a request for a caregiver rematch. You maintain complete control over your home care arrangement and always have the right at any time to terminate a care provider referred to you. A call to your dedicated Senior Nannies account executive is all it takes for you to request another caregiver referral. Our goal is your 100% satisfaction.
  2. 2At-home interviews (arranged with only qualified candidates)
    Using the perfect caregiver profile, your referral coordinator will refer 2 or 3 caregivers uniquely matched to your loved one based on professional skills and experience. Your account executive will then seek to facilitate the scheduling of in-home interviews with you/your loved one so you can meet prospective caregivers, ask questions and make your own determination of who is most closely matched.
    All caregivers referred by Senior Nannies are thoroughly prescreened—including background checks, education and experience verification, skills and character assessments and personal and professional references.
  3. 3Your documented caregiver requests (defined from your input)
    Your documented caregiver requests will be provided to you and your loved one to review and approve or modify as needed. Your documented caregiver requests reflect the information you and your loved one have provided. You are the boss, you make the changes. We are here to facilitate communication.
  4. 4Assistance in accessing publically available financial aid
    Senior Nannies will work with you and your parent, spouse or other loved one to create a financial strategy for meeting your in-home caregiver needs. Our Referral Coordinators can also help you navigate the options for covering the costs of that in-home care—an added value of obtaining your care providers through Senior Nannies. For example, veterans and their spouses may be eligible for home care benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. As a Veterans Home Care Partner, Senior Nannies can assist you with the complicated VA application process and provide access to care providers with no up-front cost prior to the benefit starting.
  5. 5Monitoring and management
    Home caregivers are monitored and managed by you. Senior Nannies is always there to help you by referring another caregiver at your request, or facilitating communication with your caregivers.

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