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Fort Lauderdale Stroke Home Care Providers

In-Home Caregivers can facilitate at-home stroke recovery and independence.

Whether you’re coordinating your loved one’s stroke care from afar or managing the responsibilities hands on, in-home care service providers can be integral to the process. Senior Nannies can refer to your spouse, parent or other loved one recovering from a stroke with prescreened, reliable home care professionals with experience and compassionate approach to help your loved one remain independent in a safe, familiar environment while recovering from a stroke.

First and foremost, our extensive roster of independent in-home caregivers us the ability to enables us to refer care providers to you who can provide the companionship and encouragement that are vital for successful at-home stroke recovery; inactivity and loneliness can contribute to post-stroke depression and make it less likely that stroke survivors will follow their treatment/rehabilitation plan. Stroke home caregivers referred by Senior Nannies can be relied on to promote your loved one’s well-being and safety. And if you are the caregiver for a loved one recovering from stroke, a home care professional referred by Seniors Nannies can be your back-up, providing reassuring respite care that allows you time to look after yourself, too. More information about strokes can be found by visiting the National Stroke Association website.

Personal home care services that caregivers referred by Senior Nannies commonly provide for individuals recovering from stroke include:


  • Personal care assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as hygiene, bathing and grooming; dressing;
    transferring, positioning, and mobility/walking; using the toilet/incontinence; eating
  • Personal care assistance with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) such as meal planning, cooking, light
    housekeeping, laundry, pet and plant care, transportation, errands, shopping, doctor and other appointments
  • Companionship – encouragement, interpersonal cognitive stimulation, facilitation of physical activity, and
    intervention for loneliness and depression

For more information on non-medical in-home personal care (also referred to as “custodial care”), visit the Home Care Services section of this website.

If medically necessary skilled nursing care for a loved one recovering from a stroke is required, Senior Nannies also refers skilled licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) who have experience with the special needs of individuals affected by stroke to provide appropriate in-home health care. For more information, visit the Skilled Nursing Services section of this website.

The best home care for stroke requires compassion and experience.

The prescreened, qualified stroke home caregivers we can refer to you are experienced with the day-to-day needs of stroke survivors at every stage of their rehabilitation and recovery. Adjusting to everyday life as a stroke survivor is physically and emotionally challenging. Depression, anger, frustration, and other strong emotions are understandable. Compassionate and patient home care that preserves your loved one’s dignity and safety allows him or her to focus on adjusting and improving. Stroke home care services can be provided on a part-time basis (typically 12 hours a day shift), in shifts, overnight, and on a full-time basis.

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To Arrange In-Home Care for a Loved One with Stroke, Call 1(800)748-2129.


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